West Bank settlements not illegal, Pompeo announces in historic shift

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  1. dan.w says:

    President Trump and Bibi…are great examples of two men who love God,their country and honor goodness.They are mere men,yes,but shining examples to us.If the Body of Christ had their……shall we say backbone and fortitude…we could have many more enemies attacking us too.They ARE doing something right…and it puts many of us to shame.The world loves us too much because we are not a threat to them,or their core doctrines.Our ‘Jesus’ is a big lover…never judging,never harsh…just a big koombyyah moment felt by all.No..thats the fake,politically correct neutered inflatable jesus with a little ‘j’ and no power.He’s the jesus of the world..and his mommy rules him…endless chain of saints collecting his prayers for cash. THE REAL JESUS..was meek and mild..yes……He will not quench the light of the humble..but set Himself against the proud,boastful,arrogant..self righteous and deluded ones.God honors and hears His saints prayers.You,my friend are His.You are His saint…Living..and full of power in your prayer because Christ,the real one..lives in you.Use your spiritual discernment,your Ephesian weapons..and seize this day for the glory of Christ.

  2. dan.w says:

    To all my brethren..and brethrenettes…My hope and wish for you is good health,time with those you love..and a closer walk with the Lord.I want all of you to know you are loved,irrespective of the worlds value system.Christ in you makes you my relative.I know…I feel bad for you too..but you are stuck with me.Dear brother John.I wish you and your family,the earthly one and heavenly one..A big huge wonderful thanksgiving with all the goodies.But most of all…the love of Christ.Thanks for being there…and letting us have a place to meet and fellowship..and sharpen iron.Signed,…Dan.W..and his cat.