Obama’s Debate and What He Did to Israel!

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  1. God never stop proving to the world that Israel is the apple of his eyes.
    On the other hand the whole world is under the judgement of God 4 their refusal to acknowledge the divinity of JESUS.
    Here in NIGERIA it has not been easy,4 on october 1 some group of armed men suspected to be BOKO-HARAM(western education is evil) invaded a federal high school, killing not less than 50 students of which most of them are Christians from the Eastern part of the country.
    They told some of their victims who claimed to be muslims to recite Karma Shahada and failure to do that means death.
    My advise to everyone is”never u take because of anything deny JESUS….

  2. Pamela says:

    It’s very interesting that a very strong storm front came over DURING the debate THE TEMPERATURE DROPPED 20 DEGREES in 90 minutes!!

    In tv coverage just before the debate, I saw a man outside the building being interviewed by Hannity. A large banner blew off the building (the wind was tremendous) and they almost cut the segment short to get him out of danger. I remember them saying that “no storm was in the forecast”….

    I guess God blew in….

    Blessings to you John,

  3. TJ says:

    Certainly this humiliated him, but the next day they tried to recover that through the job numbers. Until he is out of office he will continue to oppose Israel, and destroy the US economically and socially. I was wrong about him being an ametear. He seems to know exactly what he is doing and that is more insidious. Stay strong in the Lord Pastor Mac T and all who tack your blog and website. Persecution of Chrisitains in the US is just getting started.

  4. Ps91 says:

    Yes, Obama did not hold a candle to Romney. That’s for sure! But also, I have never seen Obama so calm and humble before…..which I thought was very strange.
    I don’t trust him, I think he has something up his sleeve. Like a plan “B”. I think he will do whatever it takes to get back in office. He is evil.
    Also, notice how he actually wore the American flag on his lapel…you know he hates wearing it!

  5. I believe says:

    I believe we can also tie in Obama’s “unexplainable”weakness in the debate with the saints of God praying. Such as the 40 days of prayer that was kicked off Sept 28. There has been concentrated effort by the church, all over this country, to come together and pray for this election. America is not dead. America is still alive and praying around the clock for this nation. Israel is also praying for this election to go their way and Obama voted out. All of this prayer will certainly move the hand of God, we saw that in the debate. It has always been the earnest prayers of His people, that moves the hand of God and changes things. If Romney is elected we will have won an extended grace period. If Obama is relected, then judgement has been set and cannot be reversed. I believe we must do spiritual things as well as physical things. Such as pray and also vote. When they physically held up Moses hands, Israel was winning but when he let them down, Israel was losing. There are some things that require both phyical and spiritual action. Let every one search their own conscience.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I agree with you.
      When we turn to the LORD, He hears and takes action on our behalf!