What Triggers God's Judgment on a Nation?

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  1. So why is God not judging Holland, an incredibly liberal and pro-gay country?

    And, widening the subject, why doesn’t God judge Syria, North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and a whole host of other oppressive regimes?

    I think we need to realise that the US is not a special country that attracts God’s attention more than others.

    • admin says:

      Great question and I want to show you how Holland is under judgment.
      God has allowed millions of Muslims into Europe for judgment.
      They are gaining power by the day, as the Europeans abort their children and do not have young.
      The Muslims have many children.
      When they are in power, they will kill the homosexuals and Hard Left liberals who for the most part are atheists.
      These people cannot live under Islam.
      If you think I am making things up, just look at Saudi Arabia and think of Southern Decadence taking place! They all would die by the sword.
      The judgment for Europe is on the way.
      If I was you, I would be more concerned about America as “our head is now on the chopping block” of judgment.

    • Roy says:

      Jonathan L
      It is now 2016 and the European countries are flooding with Muslims who rape and loot at will and Syria is destroyed along with Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq. Your silly mocking post is not so funny now. Who can know that China’s armor will not be rolling through California come 2020?

  2. Elaine says:

    Bestiality was in the news recently after it’s prohibition in the military was removed. http://cnsnews.com/news/article/senate-approves-bill-legalizes-sodomy-and-bestiality-us-military

    “hemmed in by mountains of sin I behold thy glory,” from The Valley of Vision (puritan prayers)

  3. Dan .w says:

    Brother John,you are correct in your view of what we are experiencing as it relates to the Bible.Our ‘cup’as it were is nearly full.America has embraced everything opposite of God and His Holy precepts.What is so troubling also is the infiltration in ‘christian’circles or churches,..the unsaved.We have bought the lie that entertainment,bread and circuses,and watered down gospel is a way to attract the ‘lost’.Worldly methods make a worldly church.They are still hellbound..Only they don’t belive in hell,but they dress nice and tell us to go there.We are a long way down the road to judgement,and if any of the neo-christians complain that you are ‘doom and gloom’…it may be because there is a lack of complete Biblical teaching as a whole out there.Empty pews produce no money.God doesn’t need money..He seeks those who are broken in spirit,and sincerely want to follow Him.I know there are Godly pastors out there’like you’who’s heart is breaking watching America dissintegrate.There are no shortage of mockers out who think God is a figment of our imaginations…I pity them.Keep on doing what youve been called to do..Don’t water it down,or the message will be lost. Your friend/brother Dan.w P.S. Holding you up in prayer.

  4. JanaGrace says:

    Amen Dr. John! Hurricane Issac hit like you said other night on blog talk radio. God bless you and keep proclaiming the truth in Jesus Name!

  5. Marcia says:

    God bless you, John! You are one of the few who are warning this nation of the consequences of continued sin. There are a few who are beginning to “get it” by connecting the precise date Isaac has hit New Orleans again! That huge hurricane looks like a rotating scrub brush trying to clean up the area. But we know it will only get worse, according to scripture, and the Body of Christ will be removed from the massive judgment that will come during the Great Tribulation. Makes me wonder: how much smacking around do people need to finally wake up and seek deliverance through Jesus Christ.

  6. JF says:

    God told Abraham He would spare Sodom if just 10 righteous were found in the city. Why do you think He would destroy New Orleans when undoubtedly more than 10 of His beloved children reside there? Your focus on seeing God’s judgment come upon America makes one think you almost relish God’s wrath more than HIs love and mercy.

    • admin says:

      Who is sending the hurricanes to New Orleans during Southern Decadence?
      God was in control to destroy Sodom.
      Look at the timing of the events.
      God is trying to warn the nation and get the attention of His church to pray and intercede before Him.
      I do not think you understand God’s holiness and what it is to fear the LORD.
      If everyone in New Orleans thought like you, then no one would be interceding before the Lord like Abraham did.
      It was Abraham’s intercession that saved Lot.

  7. John: I noticed that NBC has a new sitcom coming out this fall called “The New Normal”. The show centers around a gay couple that would like to have a baby. After reading your post, I could not help to think how ironic that the name of this show is exactly what you are speaking of. This is very sad and I wonder how many people will watch this show and not think that this behavior is perfectly fine. Keep fighting the good fight. Jeff A

    • admin says:

      They are creating what I call an Ordinance of the Amorites.
      It is not the homosexual act that God judges a nation for but making is a custom or law. God does deal with individual’s sin but not judge a nation unless it is an ordinance.
      This is a custom.
      Once a country makes the Ordinances, God’s holiness demands judgment.

  8. Mari says:

    Hello, was wondering if any country will be safe from God’s judgement or less severe ? Thank you

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Good question.
      I think that areas inside of countries might be safe as the people in that section fear the Lord and believe His word.

  9. Debra says:

    My thoughts on this concerns Gods people and not the unbelieving nation that surrounds them. We know that judgment begins with us, the Church, therefore wouldn’t we some how need to come into agreement with these evil ordinance for judgment to fall. Nations have been blessed because of those that fear God lived among them. This looks like the story of Balaam who being unable to curse Gods people was successful in enticing them to sin which in turn brought the curse upon themselves. Obama is the modern day Balaam and the offer is clear, acceptance of a one world government/religion, homosexual life style, by passing Jesus as the only way, trusting in man and not God etc.

  10. Rusty says:

    What will happen to God’s people now that sin is at its completion for this backsliding nation?

  11. Excellent points. This is right in line with my last post “Too Late” that shows, by the example of good King Josiah, that God’s judgement, once determined, can come despite national revival. If interested, you can read that article here: http://erniecarrasco.com/2015/07/12/too-late/.

  12. NAVSOG says:

    Great article!

  13. Bonnie says:

    John , keep up the good work , bb, Texas

  14. Bunbun says:

    It has become an ordinance and now, we are so deeply in debt and so are the states. God is smiting us financially already, but you can be sure that there are more things headed our way. The financial pain is first and second, He will bring enemies against us. The Lord is Awesome and Mighty Holy God. He never changes. I Praise Him for His Judgments are Righteous altogether. There is None Like You, Holy Lord, and You have given us Your Word, the Bible, that we might not sin against You. Now, they don’t teach the Bible in school so all the fools of the world have no idea what is in it. They rush to sin. We are Babylon the Great, the Harlot. I wish I could come out of her, but my husband won’t leave.

  15. admin says:

    Wait one minute here!
    Are the thoughts of the “old man” me?
    I was called many vile things by the homosexuals but this is the worst: an old man.
    God bless you.

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