Why has the Democratic Party gone mad

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  1. dan.w says:

    Liberalism has infiltrated the ‘church’,so,for the most part it has been neutralized…There is someone who has been on the cutting edge of all of this,and we could all benefit from his many years of doing the research,uncovering true islam,liberalism,communist infiltration at all levels,in every arena.His name is Brannon Howse.Please look him up.Many pastors will not touch him because he tells the truth.He has many books on this subject,and even a new movie coming out called ‘Sabotage’.He shows us where we came from,how we got duped,and what we can do to try and save our country.Find more info at;worldviewweekend.com. I pray all of you had a great thanksgiving.

  2. Beverly Burlingham says:

    Pastor John,
    Deuteronomy 28 :28
    I also pray Tthe Lord has promised in His Word that HE will brake the staff of the wicked and the scepter of rulers.. Please Lord God honor Your Word for Your people! Isaiah 14
    Ps 125 for the scepter of wickedness shall not rest on the land allotted to the Righteous. Israel. Psalm 140 Deliver us Oh Lord from the evil men.
    Which imagine mischief in their heart and continually gather together for war. (Confound and confuse them in their hearts , mind and spirit.) what a good prayer on down that Psalm.. What power HE alone has !

    I also ask HIM to bring the hidden things to LIght . Let the Wicked men be known to the world. Their families . turn them against each other. Let salvation rain upon them with repentance.
    surely as you say Every one has a broken heart that needs healing .
    Jesus read the scrool of Isiah in the temple HIMSELF that HE came to heal the broken hearted.
    Each scripture verse HE read is so important.

    He came to set he captives free remings me of Paul and Silas the Angel came at Midnight Last minute before the new day while they were praying and singingpraises unto God and the prisoners heard them and
    SUDDENLY! You know the rest.
    That is us .
    That day our bands are going to be loosed , so many talk of the keeper getting saved . Let us awake out of our sleep open the blinded eyes as Jesus read in the scroll.
    It sys Every ones bands were broken not just the keepers.
    This is the earthquake we are waiting for when He sets HIs feet on the mount of Olives and the dead in Christ will rise first.

  3. dan.w says:

    Father God..let Your Spirit fall on those in brother John’s oversea’s ministry….and also let it fall on Your Church across the world,amen.Lord..bring in the end time harvest of soul’s for Your King and Kingdom..in Jesus Name..Amen.