Women’s College in Missouri Redefines Womanhood, Welcomes Transgender Women

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  1. dan.w says:

    N.Y….seems like a toilet from Hell.Mario Wacko laughs and mocks God.Hellery the witch is there too,sitting on her ‘throne’..Hah,ha,hee,hee,hah.and the crowd..three cheers for killing innocent babies!..Guess what folks.I don’t even pity you.When the Lord ‘visits’you for your wickedness..I will say good riddance.America is on a fast track to serious,serious judgment.All the denizens of Hell think this big joke can go on.Father God,I pray that You have Your way..in all things..and that You comfort those little ones in Your loving arms,Amen.To the Christian..Surely you can see we are out of time.This nation is not exempt from the list of nations receiving God’s judgment..[see PSALM 2].Personally,other nations are licking their chops waiting to bring us down.I’m not looking for God to stop them..Why should He?

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      New York has become as wicked as California. It is now a horse race to hell between them. The time has come for
      believers to leave this state as the Cuomo’s will treat the believers like the Nazis did the Jews, plus the rather of
      God is hovering over it!!!

  2. dan.w says:

    I do appreciate this ministry.If to the readers of my posts,I seem ‘out there’ at times…realize I’m not making statements or observations off the cuff.This world is twisting in the wind..mostly under the spell of the evil one.There is no shortage of bad players…Our job,whether or not you’ve been told by your local pastor is Christ’s last command’s.For the most part that isn’t happening,so we are seeing evil seem to reign in most place’s,and good appear’s to ‘get stomped’.It make’s my heart sick to see how death and Hell are running the show.Man cannot kill God…but you know he want’s to…so as close as he can get is to kill the pre=born,because they share some attribute’s….Babie’s share the [image of God]..are ‘innocent’ having commited no sin as of yet…are a blessing as the Bible declare’s..are full of promise,and are full of life.The baby also cannot defend him/herself as Christ opened not His mouth as He was led to the slaughter.Christ was a sacrifice to God…Babie’s are sacrificed to Molech…Both have innocent blood.Jesus used ‘His choice’ in order to save us.Sinner’s use ‘their choice’ to kill other’s.Women say ‘it’s my body’,yet their body still live’s..while executing someone else’s.Their real choice is to love and accept the Baby,give up if they can’t keep it,cross their leg’s..or exercise self control..Those are real and valid option’s.Unfortunately..as many ‘in the church’ live as the unsaved do…so why would the world want to become as us,when we are already like them?..Just a question for thought.The world is ‘evangelizing’….they pass on their belief system’s….we should do likewise if we have the truth.If we don’t reach the lost..Is it because we really have not been saved???,or is it because we are lazy,self indulgent or just plain dissobedient to Christ….and where are the men??????Is there no Christian’s left ready to fight?