World War 3: China vs India

4 Responses

  1. Dewey W Whitworth says:

    Only foolish foolhardy blindly ignore this.

  2. dan.w says:

    I just can’t shake ‘the feeling’..this whole thing is scripted.What do I mean?The ‘virus’ fake pandemic thing…then,the fuse was lit with a man being murdered by a bad cop,only to envelop world wide,..[again] with so many around the world for another crisis…with looting burning mayhem.Next…?maybe back to corona virus 2.This all seems very staged to me.Meanwhile..the whole world is being looted of their currencies.Checks for not working,checks for staying home,money poured down a rat hole for a manufactured crisis virus.Now,with all ‘the people of color protesting…some a little more than that.. more able to get ‘the virus’ it another eugenic plan to get rid of margret sangers least popular people group?I see the illuminati all over this thing.Just like 911,it will never be the same.We are being brought to ‘a conclusion’…led through the cattles fence maze to what????slaughter?Now we look like a police state..and most cops are told to stand down.Let me get this straight..Your’e a criminal,subject to prosecution for going to church,what with social distancing,etc…but you can pillage,loot,kill and burn and destroy small businesses…and somehow the cops look on..and let it happen.This is a staged..event by event.[They]…want us pliable,compliant..begging for ‘their’ solutions.Golly gee willickers…is the antichrist getting impatient..waiting in the wings?I honestly believe 1 in a million people don’t see this….Do you?At every angle..the worlds economies are being decimated…right in front of us.What is their replacement gonna be?,cause you know they have one.The devil is in the details,and stirring the pot…multitasking. The protesters and the population at large are hard to tell apart from muslims…on purpose….what with everyone wearing masks..[made to order for this event?]and black clothing.Islam is watching and waiting.This benefits them.Someone else is doing ‘the dirty work’.The globalists…same thing.Wear your armor God’s children.We will experience a wave,crisis following crisis.Why?Because they are not ready yet…. but soon .because they already have ‘the plan’waiting,they will be.Are YOU ready…to meet Jesus?Now is the time to reconcile to God,through His son Jesus.Ask Him to forgive and save you from Hell and it’s eternal flame…He will.

  3. dan.w says:

    Father God…I know there are people out there who think Trump is in on this globalist agenda.I don’t believe he is…against all odd’s he was elected.With all the hate and resistance against him from every quarter…I believe he still is your man for this time.I know his options seem almost nonexistent…but Father God,nothing is impossible with You.Lord with him as he navigates dangerous waters.Give him protection,wisdom,holy thoughts,and Godly counsel.Give Your Angels charge over him to guard him from every evil.Expose the false christians so they will not hurt the cause of Christ.Kick the globalists tail Father,in Jesus Name,Amen.