WORLD WAR 3: “Putin to Western elites: Play-time is over”

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  1. Dan.w says:

    Thank you for keeping us informed on Russia,and her moves.according to the Bible.I’m so thankful to the Lord that we have you brother John as a faithful watchmen on the wall.May God continue to bless and cover you and your family,Danw

  2. Rhonda Sigland says:

    I have lived in Sweden for almost 24 years now. About15 years ago, I was given a copy of a prophecy by a 90 year-old Norwegian Woman. You can google it, if you like. If I had your address, I would mail the site to you. Very interesting because she described things that were so uncommon in those days (1968) and they have become . . . just as she described and then just before the coming of Christ . . . a war. Just google 1968 prophecy by a 90 Year Old Norwegian Woman.

  3. Terry says:

    I see two dictators. The Russian being more honest about his intentions.

  4. Denise in MI says:

    Rhonda, thank you for that info. I googled like you said to do, and the 1st site was inthebeginning. Very interesting, esp. what she said about prosperity Christianity & the filth on tv. Thanks.

  5. Santos Garcia says:

    With all due respect, it is not yet time for the Ezekiel 38 & 39 conflict. Prior to that war, the Psalm 83 regional war will occur- Israel will decisively defeat the immediately surrounding Muslim nations that attack her, and in the process will expand her borders to what YHVH GOD promised in His Holy Word. There will then be a substantial number of years in between, with Israel dwelling safely in the land ‘without walls or gates’ as described in Ezekiel.

    Putin will somehow be removed, though an even more radical nemesis will arise- and after the true Rapture of the church, will proceed to conquer. America will be a prey before Israel since the Rapture will decimate our nation- because a Great Awakening that is currently imminent will bring MASSIVE numbers of prodigals, the lost, and those bound in false religions- into Christ’s Kingdom. The Rapture will take us all home and America will be left to a much smaller number of citizens who persisted in rejecting the Truth- and who will not be able to resist invasion.

    I know this scenario sounds fantastic, but we all know that the Last Days will be volatile, and the Body of Christ is still in need of Revival- to prepare for the influx of myriad souls… perhaps a billion in our Western Hemisphere alone!

    Kingdom Blessings, always in Christ… ~Santos