World War 3: Russian Economic Meltdown

4 Responses

  1. Lance says:

    Just to clarify, when you say you would guess Putin would attack this year, you mean 2015? I’m feeling a major birth pain soon….could be a nber of things, but we are on schedule for one any day, in my opinion. Thx

  2. Angelic Warrior says:

    Never in my life of 59 years, being the product of parents of the Greatest Generation, being a product of Television, motion pictures, literature, the dawning of the “Age of Aquarius,” etc., as well as having been a strong performer of “Duck and cover” in grammer school have I felt so strongly the REAL possibility of a nuclear exchange that would involve America. Especially today, when the “commander in chief” of this country completely open the back door to Cuba, a mere 90 miles away from us. If ANYONE fit the description of a “useless idiot”, this guy does. Furthermore, I will pre-empt anyone here who will want to quote either Romans 13 regarding submittion to authorities or IIChronicles 7-14…this government ISNOT Godly, nor is this country collectively willing to repent. I only pray for myself and all here to have the strength and resolve to hang in until the trumpet sounds out. This world is about to be cooked and cooked real good.

  3. Dan.w says:

    Putin is nobodies fool.An angry and hurt bear is not to be messed with.Nixon took us off the gold standard in ’71’.In ’73’,we went to the petrodollar which bought us a little time,but we are playing footsie with the Saud’s,as we made agreement’s to protect their refineries,and they buy our [extra] debt in the form of bonds.Other nations must convert to the dollar if they want oil or to trade with us.The fake ‘nation building’ we do as a nation is a cover.They don’t want democracy.Financial expert Jerry Robinson shed’s a great light on how the mideast really operates……follow the money.Israel is our onscreen friend,but we ‘sweetheart deal with all of her sworn enemies because of the money.We fear more for our economy,than care for Israel.The rest of the world is trying hard to ‘unshackle itself’ from our dollar..If that happens,our economy will make what I perceive as an unrecoverable nosedive…because our ‘dollars’ could return to us as just paper,with no worth attached to them.Jesus is coming soon.Let us invest in His Kingdom.