World War 3: Ukraine crisis: US and Europe planning to ‘cut off’ Russia’s gas supply

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  1. Sandra says:

    Before the election and primaries I had friends praying for the election, as well as I was, but I knew that Obama would win because the Bible says that things would get worse and worse and therefore a Christian would not get elected.

    When Romney got nominated even though he was not a Christian , I believe he would stand for conservative values , so I knew he would not win.

  2. Byron says:

    Woe/woe – Cutting Vlads gas… will surely start something Big which may cause some unconventional exchanging!

    *Vlad has also made some remarks concerning Sodomites, hmmm, Barry * Mike both are fitting!

    *Was the Brotherhood told to kidd-napp those 296 girl’s in order to get us (you know) and others bogged down in Niger for some strange reason’s? To much attention is being focused where many may not like!

    *so much going on, not to say much of the earth shaking & Yellowstone’s big caldera (& central Ok, New Madrid Mo etc) about to pop.

    *kind of funny, the gnostic cabal’s know the dangers of the implementing of their pandemonia plan’s before satan can get the OK from El Shaddai !!!!!!!
    The pagans mocking the Lord & His ways will bring them horror in the near future!
    Most mockers are willfully ignorant of the Truth!

    * ‘They’ may have their way w/believer’s for a while But, the Lord will come at ‘them’ in ways they’d wished they didn’t, does this change anything, no, they’ll continue. We were bought at a extreme price, Woe unto them!
    Praise God always!

  3. ken says:

    If you think its bad now just wait, its almost LGBT month, the hits just keep coming