World War III Starts In The Middle East?

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  1. Denise in MI says:

    Again I must thank you for keeping us up to date on these lightning speed events.
    Hope you post your thoughts on Justice Scalia’s passing and the future of SCOTUS soon.

    I’m not a facebook member, but I can access your page b/c it’s public and since I can’t comment there, I hope you’ll let me here.

    I’m talking about dear Jeff Cummings arguing with you re: your comments on the crying sailor. I think you did a great job defending your position.
    Next time he accuses you of having no right to criticize the military b/c you never served, tell him you’re not an economist, either, but you still think what the Fed’s been doing is wrong. His logic is the same as saying those who disagree with Obama on anything is a racist. Would he say, “You’ve never been African American; you can’t know what it’s like?”

    You report on a lot of different, important topics on which you’re not necessarily an expert, but I think the Bible is all you need!

    Not that you need my help, but I was bursting to say that to JC!

    By the way, “When Jesus Sets You Free” is very good. My husband’s nephew does a prison ministry in FL and I’m going to send him one.