YouTube and FaceBook Monday Night: “Watch and Pray”

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  1. dan.w says:

    Some Christians think this is a trial by the elite to see what we will do in the event of just such a scenario…..I believe we are already past that point…this IS the scenario.In 2019 many big wig Ceo’s and the like fled from the market or retired.Why???They know something most don’t.They saw this event coming and prepared for it/as they also had a hand in it’s making.They made money hand over fist…stealing the worlds wealth.Just like the manufactured crisis of 1929…the wicked ones who initiated the crisis..benefitted from it,leaving us all holding the bag.This event was a massive theft event,with the virus as a smokescreen.Why this is not a trial event to me is because we already have all the technology on line and running,being advertised,promoted and used right now.People at large cannot wait for the new tech.They will stand in line to get the mark,as it is promoted that you are behind the times if you don’t keep up.They,[the elite] already have a replacement waiting to do away with cash.They are ready NOW.The plan is there.The tech is there.The desire is there.The timing is there.We are there folks.Are we in the Tribulation??.No…but we are in the book of it I believe.We just haven’t left yet.Christians and Jews are always the scapegoat right before something really big occurs.Chaos is being initiated incrementally…right before our eye’s.I believe we are in a ‘soft’ police state.To not see it is to miss something.Empty hospitals..puffed up death numbers..conflicting medical orders..stay at home suggestions/orders.Neighbors told to ‘narc’ on neighbors for violations.Businesses shut down.There is no good reason for this unless behind this cover a huge global scale operation is underway.No one is knocking at your door ‘yet’.It may not be long.Do you have any weapons at your residence?Do you have a stockpile of supplies/food?What is your religious affiliation?We have a vaccine that is mandatory in order for you to re-enter society…oh,by the way,it will be a real timesaver as it can contain any records you may need in the you won’t need to carry your birth certificate,health records or wallet with you anymore…and the greatest benefit is you identity is now theft proof! but it IS mandatory…..Can you see the people tripping over each other to be the first on their block to get this?Oh,and the ‘narcs’ will still be in force to make you conform..or they will imprison you at one of their newly emptied prisons or at a detention center near you.Am I the only one seeing this played out in real time?Think we are still not in a ‘soft’ police state?Try having more than 10 people standing close in your own yard.The globalists have got Trump to carry the ball for them.One or two more ‘bailouts’ for everyone…then it will be assured….the plan complete..and we will not recover..America will be absorbed into the NWO…Father God…open the eye’s of the simple,and of those who refuse to see the obvious…and PLEASE bring laborers into Your Harvest,Amen.