YouTube and FaceBook Monday Night: “Watch and Pray”

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  1. dan.w says:

    I sent president Trump a letter today.I re-read the first one I was going to send and decided to write a new one.He doesn’t need my advice at this point.He has no shortage of critic’s or detractor’s.I can’t even imagine how hard his job really is right now.To me,he’s like a dad driving the family across country with everyone vying for his attention to be heard,screaming unruly kid’s in the back seat…and he has to be laser focused on getting us all home safe.My ‘new letter’ just thanked him for his sacrifice.He really is to me..cut from the same cloth as Washington,or Lincoln.We cannot pray for him and his family and staff enough.I truly believe our prayer’s are the only thing holding back the dam of illuminati world conqueror hord’s from taking us down.Don’t ask me how…but I see..’sense is a better word’..the utter darkness on the other side of the spiritual realm ripping the seam’s of the garment called order and sanity.What is ready right now is…The chip,or MARK..a financial,political,religious crash…..programmed soldier’s of fortune from every dimension..EMP,hypertech missile’s,witches,warlock’s,bot’s cyborg types…..and every crooked wannabe waiting to get the signal…We have to continue to assail…in a good way,the Gate’s of Heaven..make our prayer’s and request’s known to God..who,in reality…is our only hope.The fact is blue helmet’s,Chinese or Russian one’s could be in our future.We need to be in serious,thoughtful prayer…so humble…that we literally describe a worm’s belly….that’s how humble we must be… joke. Father God…clear the smoke and mirror’s from our president’s view.Quiet his detractors….give him honest competent and God fearing people to assist him in doing the will You set him in office for.Honor Mr.Trump as he tries to honor You.You put him in office,Lord God.Protect him and his family and staff.Burn the chaff that was left there to trip him up.Squash the devil’s plan’s,…Amen.

  2. dan.w says:

    With the ‘pandemic’..a scare word……it is true many people will probably die.My estimates are 1 to 1.5%.It is not anything anyone wishes on anybody.That said..this is a smokescreen cover for the takeover and reset of the worlds economy.Almost no one is even noticing.Other than a few really sharp Biblical scholars…and the perpetrators..this is the elephant in the room.Can no one see this orchestrated event of Biblical proportions afoot?They..[the elite],are trying to permanently crash the dollar and replace it with a currency that will take us either directly to,or one step removed from The MARK.Many people are getting rich off of this satanic inspired calamity.When toilet paper is rationed in the ‘land of the free’ know we are near the end of normal.Pray hard that Trump puts us back to work…We are imploding our own economy.No shot is being fired.We are committing national suicide.I see it.One world…just like Nimrod dreamed.Look up for a redemption that is drawing nigh.While we are a ‘dollar’ short and many months behind this ‘planned event’…of virus fever…your money is being stolen and also being debased,[made worthless]..and you may not even notice because of the distraction and hype.The stage is all set up for the ‘man with a plan’…Any guesses on his identity?