YouTube Thursday Night Teaching: Jesus Christ Came to Heal the Broken Heart/Mind (Part 2)

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  1. dan.w says:

    It’s 4;18 my time…I’m not a prophet…but a couple days ago I posted about the ‘virus’ and the ‘economy’ faltering…Why I bring this up is so we as Christians can pray as the Lord leads us for our country and president..and for more ‘reach the lost’ time.All around us we see things in an upside down state.Remember,the Lord is above ALL His creation.If it be from His hand,..or the hand of men…we are reminded that time is but a brief comma between eternity past and eternity future….We need to be Ambassadors for Christ,and Good and Godly soldiers in the Lords Army.If you don’t know what to do…go to the Lord.Ask Him to give you clear direction.He will.Sense His Peace and calm in the midst of the storm.You are His……Never forget that.