YouTube Thursday Night: God our Abba Father and Walking in the Spirit (Part 3)

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  1. dan.w says:

    As a ‘former fetus’..I just want to thank president Donald Trump for standing for the life of the unborn.He has a real heart and gut’s for those who cannot speak for themselves.He is a real hero,in my book.There has NEVER been a president yet who has stood by people and their right to he has.I humbly ask Father God that You pour out Your wisdom,blessing and protection to my president.He is a man who want’s to keep his word.Honor him Father God and continue to use him for good and Godly thing’s.Give him the eternal life all of us need.Bless him as he enter’s and exit’s.Show his enemie’s the floor where they will find themselve’s for all their evil and trouble.God bless all who love You Lord…Amen.