YouTube and FaceBook Tuesday Night: Bible Teaching: The Kingdom Reign of Jesus Christ

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  1. dan.w says:

    Barry Soetoro..A.K.A Obama is not an American.He was ‘born’ in Kenya..his ‘black grandmother’said she saw him being born there.He has a real birth certificate he wouldn’t show..but his false computer generated one is the one we got to see.He also lived in Indonesia for some time with a tranvestite house servant.He is muslim,has made non-stop apology tours oversea’s..kissed and bowed to islamic cleric’s in a servitude position,called the call of islam the most beautiful sound he ever heard..and swore to obey islam over the constitution.He also totally misquoted Scripture,and corrected Jesus on many thing’s.He is in my opinion the ‘devil’s shadow’…and he still operates in his ‘hideout’ just down the street from the whitehouse..still causing chao’s and trying to usurp the president,and his mandate and the constitution.He is a Rhodes scholar…look it up….and see what we are up against.He also is George Bush Jr’s…second cousin…….really. No surprise there folk’ G.W is a Rhino one worlder. G.W. praise’s Barry and chastises Trump…I wonder why?….