YouTube Thursday Night Teaching: Jesus Christ Came to Heal the Brokenhearted (Part 2) The Mind

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  1. danw says:

    Thank you for the Jesus heals the brokenhearted part of this ministry…There is,as you have brought up brother John,a HUUUUUGE vacuum in many people’s hearts that only Jesus was meant to fill.I know not all physicians believe they are hurting their patients when prescribing certain meds…However,they are treating symptoms,not causes many times.If you start at a faulty starting point,there is a good chance the end result will be wrong as well,costing many lives,i.e.suicides that may have been prevented by…not a pill or injection..but an introduction to the King of Kings..Jesus.We are all ambassadors….Its who we introduce people to that either gives real hope and life or sends them the wrong way if we are not saved ourselves. God bless all of you,Dan.w..Keep up the great work John..and all of you saints.

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