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UPDATE As America Has Done to Israel (Hurricane Michael-DOW Down)

The correlation became obvious when on October 10, Secretary of State Pompeo made a speech announcing the two state plan was in the works and soon it would be released. On this very day, Hurricane Michael slammed into Florida as a Category 4 doing incredible damage. On this same day the stock market crashed 832 points! This is an indication that the correlations of judgment are back.

Uncovering Corruption in Perry County, Pennsylvania Part 3

It is important to set the stage for following installments by posting the efforts I made to resolve this issue. The Facebook posts of “Confessions of Offenses” against the elderly and myself by Kinkora employees and a spouse of an employee while the two “Letters of Condemnation” were sent to me by Kinkora Pythian nursing home’s attorney. These are hard evidence of both the elderly’s and my rights being violated.

YouTube Wednesday Night: Teaching Jesus Christ Came to Heal the Broken Heart – Mind (Part1)

I will first teach about Jesus Christ came to heal the brokenhearted, which is seldom taught in modern Christianity. This is disastrous as so many people have broken hearts which the church fails to deal with. People turn to drugs of false teachings trying to find a way to true inner peace and joy which can only come from a relationship with Jesus Christ.