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Rush Limbaugh Warns: ‘If the Media Keeps Generating This Hysteria, Somebody’s Gonna Get Killed

The social condition in America is now very serious. The Hard Left is literally doing everything possible to destroy President Trump. They loath and despise him which has resulted in a collective mind meltdown. They are very dangerous people and the media is ginning up the Leftist against the President and the government. Limbaugh is correct, the nation is on the edge of bloodshed.

PSYCH DRUG America: More than 8 million children now on mind-altering psychiatric medication

This makes me want to vomit. Our children are now in the hands of the voodoo Babylonian health care! It is not health but psychobabble destroying their minds. At all costs get your kids out of this system. I wonder what is the percentage of home school children who “need” these drugs? I think close to zero.