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Trump: ‘biggest pastors’ say his fight with media, Democrats fueling greatest revival in history

What the President is referring to is a political revival of real Christians and not a spiritual revival. I never saw the 2016 political revival of the church coming, which helped the President get elected. Now the same is happening for 2020 as happened in 2016. This is wonderful and great, but we also must transfer this energy over to a spiritual revival.

Bernie Sanders Vows to Go to ‘War with White Nationalism and Racism as President

Bernie Sanders” rhetoric is getting very close to advocating violence. He is comparing Americans who he identified as “white nationalists” to Nazis. All the dems are now hitting the theme “white nationalism” very hard. I am beginning to clearly see that in their reprobate minds, white nationalists includes real Christianity, marriage between a man and woman, and not killing babies in the womb.