What is Jerusalem Worth?

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  1. danw says:

    Brother John,may I make some interesting observations?Jerusalem is wanted by most everyone else,not so much that they really ‘want it’,.but,it seems,no matter where the Lord would have made a land for the Jews as a homeland…others would ‘want that too’.In reality,the world hates God,and Jews,even secular ones are a constant reminder that God is on the throne..and it chaps their hyde that they cannot obliterate God,so they attack His people.Jerusalem,or at least Israel,is very unique in other ways,i.e.mount Hermon/portals etc.It also I believe is near the 33rd parrallel.It has every kind of climate available for its presently small size,and correct me if I’m incorrect,but isn’t there a spot that is below sea level?It really is a very curious land.God bless you in all you do in Jesus wonderful name.