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SAUDIS Launch Massive WAR GAME with 20 Nations

There are plenty events happening about the buildup to World War 3. I will keep you posted on the cutting edge of these events. It is coming very fast, and if you are going to work for the Lord now is the time. Based on the events, it really does look like that Syria is going to ignite the war. It is also highly likely that it could soon spread to the use of nuclear weapons.

Criminologist Blames The Bible And Rush Limbaugh For This Growing Problem: ‘Fundamentalist’ Christianity is to blame for crime in America – because the Bible teaches violence and vengeance

I’m posting this because you might think she is just a kook, but this is the thinking of the Hard Left mind. Many of them will act on this thinking to marginalize and try to demonize us. These are dangerous people who defend the Koran at ALL cost and yet demonize us at every turn. They are really one at their roots with Islam and all that hate the true and living God.

World War 3 Update

The die is cast for WW3. Right now Syria is the hot spot to start the war, but other places like the South China Sea could ignite it. Right now the tension is growing in Syria between the Iranian led Shiites and the Saudi Arabian/Turkey led Sunnis. This is not going away and is only going to intensify. The Sunni – Shiite war for the control of Islam just may be the catalyst for WW3. Russia is supporting the Shiites, so the war could drag in the Russians.

AG Lynch vows to prosecute ‘anti-Muslim’ speech

America is really dividing up now into two completely separate nations. On one side are the reprobates that hate God and everything that He stands for. These people are now given over to a self-destructive delusion that will destroy the entire nation. These people hate when they are forced to face the truth. We really have nothing in common with them, as they don’t even know what a marriage is! They will do anything to promote and protect the killing of babies and now are hardening against Israel.


The war in Syria is now at a new level as Turkey just shot down a Russian jet and a Russian helicopter was also shot down. Putin cannot let this go by because he has to keep his image with the Russian public and he cannot look weak to the world and Muslims. The word now is really just one missile away from World War 3.