YouTube and FaceBook Sunday Night: Prophetic Weekly Update: Main focus Israel and Middle East. I go over world events in light of Bible Prophecy.

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  1. dan.w says:

    Father God….Let the ‘Angel of Death’ pass by us.I do not fear for my life,for it is Yours..I fear for the people of America..and worldwide…who have not yet bent the knee to You Lord Jesus.It is by Your Blood we are delivered.Thank You for saving me and keeping me.Thank You for ALL things…for they work together for Your good and plan,Amen.

  2. dan.w says:

    President Trump……..give us the o.k. I’m working,as every able bodied healthy person should.Someone has to pay taxes.Sick people..stay home.Don’t let the NWO tank us.Thats one of their goals.Also..find and get rid of the entrenched deep state operatives working at your side.They are drilling holes in the ‘boat of our country’.They are vermin and termites.They are pure evil.If we don’t identify and deal with them…they will deal with us…and already are.Be a Cyrus…not a sigh rush…….

  3. dan.w says:

    Father God is giving us a last opportunity…to switch altars.We are a prideful lot.We talk,[as a nation] as being this strong,that strong…as if we can stand up again,against anything.Well,what if we are standing against God?We lack any semblance of humility.We cannot serve both God ans mammon.We can work to get mammon,but not work FOR mammon.God is not to be second place,with mammon being first.It would be better if God uses us…but instead…mammon doe’s..or better put..satan uses mammon as a ‘substitute god’ so we don’t have to wait for blessings..we can just ‘bless ourselves’.Dear Father God….open all of our eye’s to this reality……let us seek true humility…so it won’t have to fall on us…to ‘get it’.