YouTube FaceBook Tuesday Bible Teaching: The book of 2 Peter, chapter 2 False Teachers

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  1. dan.w says:

    We need to be in non-stop prayer for America and Israel.Why?..Well,look at the scenario…We are bracing for the wave,or spike in virus cases.While we all are dealing with all hands on deck…China and Russia..other players too…will surely exploit us at the time we seem most distracted/weak.They have hypersonic weapons,EMP tech,multitude of spy sattelites…and are itching to use them.Our systems are ancient,untested,not something I would even consider a valid defense.We NEED Israels tech..i.e. lazer tech to be able to shoot the hypersonic stuff out of the sky,and we NEED EMP proof grids/systems….NOW. We could lose 1-2 % from the virus…but 90% from EMP within a year from release. Pray hard for our leaders folks…Trump needs all of our prayers.Father God..put a hedge around us and Israel,Amen.

  2. dan.w says:

    Brannon Howse,from Worldviewweekend had an excellent Idea for our president regarding the ‘virus’ situation.Instead of bailouts and payments which are already weakening our economy…instead lets temporarily suspend the federal tax,and in it’s place have a federal sales tax which could add millions/billions to the economy.It would ‘make honest’ those who get cash from their customers and don’t declare it on their income taxes.It’s like a user fee’.Also,give private businesses an incentive to invest and quickly ‘start up’ making masks,gloves,etc…anything we need that America is so poorly non -equipped to supply,or stock.Lets bring new manufacture back to America.We are plainly caught with ‘our pants down’ on this ‘unforseen crisis.It shows we all need to step it up here.This is NO rebuke on the president..but on America’s mindset in general.We got in trouble by first not keeping Jesus first…then,we allowed ourselves to be lured by easy profit by selling our birthright,so to speak,and shipping our manufacture and tech to foreign lands.Now they hold the ace cards..and we look helpless and like dufus’s ….I don’t want ‘The third shoe to drop’…or our death knell…..One more little breeze either way…and the house of cards…[our house’ may fall.]..QUESTION……Are YOU ready to meet Jesus? P.S. If we are smart…we will be better prepared for next time.Next time may not wait until we get this one fixed.Remember…Many nations..I.E.the deep state want to see our demise.We had better get a grip on that reality.

  3. dan.w says:

    The more I find ‘the puzzle pieces’..the more I believe I see.I’m all for obeying law to protect others…but..what if this virus was a ploy to bring us down,not only as a nation,but the whole of the worlds throw us into ‘the arms of the antichrist’…The globalists are o.k. with us destroying ourselves by our own hand.First..the ‘scare’ of a pandemic.Is it a real virus?,of course…but look at the measures we are going to..right down to bankrupting our nation…plus give away money to further that end.We could never even play catch up now as we are paying more on debt interest that exponentially increases with each passing year.Then there is the coming massive inflation rate that comes with printing more money with no backing to it.I believe the globalists are winning right now as they don’t even have to fire a shot…just wait it out a bit and watch our demise.I believe Trump doesn’t know he is being played as they knew his only options available to him.He needs better intel.Math was never my strong suit,so why can I figure this out..and none of the ‘economic wizards’ do so???Lets go over it again.Get rid of federal tax..suspend it…but then implement federal sales tax on all goods purchased.It could be done..Also..give individuals real incentive to come up with valid solutions..I.E.small business start ups..with no red tape or government strings attached.No public,gov.partnership..which smells like socialism light to me.I believe the deep state is whispering in Mr.presidents ear.We need to ‘pray them out’.The world is going warp speed into the NWO.If we can…we need to put the brakes on this puppy.It’s much later than we think.It won’t be long before a mandated vaccination with your name on it becomes a reality.Neither you nor I want this…..