25 ‘impeachable’ Obama scandals far more serious than Comey firing

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  1. danw says:

    The world is stacked against Donald,that’s why I voted for him.God bless you sir.If you want to know which way the Lord is going,see what the world doe’s,it’s mostly just the opposite.The left,islam,most of cultural christianity,the illuminati,the cults,the lost…this is a partial list of those against the ‘Don’.I pray he stays true to his word on being Israel’s real friend..as this shows the Lord,mighty and strong.Most recent president’s give the Jew’s lip service and play the harlot with their spiritual enemies.God is not mocked.If Trump is straight with God,nothing could be better.I personally believe he is God’s man for this hour.The mad hatter crowd on the loony left are like insane mad hornets ready to inflict harm.Reason is nonexistent in their FAKE universe.I have hope because the Lord is true and right.It’s His story and He can end it His way.We are His and we are safe in His care.P.S. Happy birthday my dear brother John.Hope you enjoyed your family and they enjoyed you.You don’t look a day older than you want to be.God bless you into eternity.

  2. danw says:

    Father God,pull back the curtains from the evil ones,and make our president the best one we’ve had since Washington,Amen.