Islam’s Conquest of America…One Town at a Time

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  1. dan.w says:

    The best time to have confronted islam was before it landed in America..We were asleep at the switch and failed to bring up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.Now..we will have to confront it..which is harder than it sounds because they do not give up any ground they take,unless they expire..if you get my drift.To win this one..we need to be on our knee’s before God,not before them.Then we need to evangelize like Jesus commanded us to do..even here in America.Reach out to all,age ,nationality,gender groups in His Name.The battle for the soul of America or the soul’s of men are won or lost in the heart.We need to not pass this responsibility off on ‘our church’,or ‘our pastor’…Those are cop out’s that Jesus see’s right through and be sure He will visit us on this ‘issue’,[mandate]..and we will be ‘without excuse’.He know’s that we know what He commanded us to it is wiling dissobedience..or sin.God could not have made it any easier for us to give the Gospel out.If we don’t do it now,when it cost’s us next to nothing..we surely won’t if it cost us everything..and it will if we don’t move on this NOW…Our navy was formed as a direct result of confronting islam,head on.I encourage all those who are saved and are doing what the Lord requires of you…keep going…to those who are willing non-participants…you are seen as luke warm by the Lord….See what that mean’s in the book of Revelation.Time is short.Fence riding,fear and inaction are not in our DNA,but a trick of the evil one to keep you from being/doing all that you were created for.We are like our father..and who our father is,is born out in our action’s/inaction’s/responses.Time is short..and the task is just ahead.Your mission field is what you see with your eye’s.

  2. dan.w says:

    Brother John..I’m reading a book I highly recommend to you or others wanting the ‘back story’ on what we see played out in our time.It’s called conspiracy,by Dennis Cuddy.It’s an eye opener.God bless.