Buttigieg Slams Trump and Christian Supporters: President’s Conduct Not Compatible With Scripture

2 Responses

  1. dan.w says:

    It sure is nice that the reverend Pete set us straight on Scripture.The Lord has serious things to say about those who call Him a liar,or twist Scripture.I won’t throw stones…but I will say go to the Bible,[the A.V.],and compare man’s opinions with God’s Truth.All we need to know is there..for every aspect of life and conduct.

  2. dan.w says:

    As re;,the Corona virus.I’m not sending fear out there,but it may potentially start a domino effect as we get almost everything from China.Medicines,clothes,you name it.We have become so used to not being the producer nation,but instead a consumer one…it may wreak some havoc on us because of our dependency on other nations for goods.This could also be ‘the card’ the deep state may want to use on our prez.They can’t bring him down in other way’s but if the economy ‘tank’s’,or falter’s….they may try to link it to him because it may happen on his watch,though it may be engineered and timed to hurt his re-election.Funny…how Barry Soetoro,AKA ‘obumma’,take’s credit for Trump’s good accomplishment’s,but is willing to ‘muck up the gears’ on behalf of his pappy…satan.Father God see’s all.