A Call for Kristallnacht Against Christians

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  1. dan.w says:

    Father God…please strengthen president Trump…give him new energy.Use him as Your battle axe against the wicked.Let all who try to derail him..be brought out in the light for all to see.Let Your perfect sentences be brought to bear on these evil night creatures.Make Trumps 2nd term a total success against the globalist/commie/marxist/and generation braindead.Let babies again have a chance at life because Trump stood for them as no other president ever has.Thank You Father God for our president.Bless all he touches..in Your Name,Amen.

  2. dan.w says:

    Please pray for president Trump….Consider how much he has stopped or slowed the onslaught of evil/NWO.He is only one man.Lets bathe him in real prayer.God put him there for a reason.I cannot accept that God is done with him.No other president took what he did from all sides.I refuse to abandon him.He has heart,tenacity..and a spine..unlike 99% of almost anyone else out there. Thank You Father God for him.Don’t let him give up.Use him to mop the floor with the globalists and all who hate You…In Jesus great Name….Amen.

  3. Tim Shey says:

    Here is a video you might like to see. It exposes the adrenochrome industry.

    Turkish News Report on Adrenochrome