Abba Father’s International Fellowship: Imams Pakistan

3 Responses

  1. danw says:

    Wow!!!!..this is something you could only describe as miraculous.Thanks for being used of God,brother John…in a very good way.As I am able,when funds allow,I would like to help again in this ares of ministry…Cash has been real tight,but the Lord will make a way.God bless you brother.

  2. danw says:

    Thank you for the true blessing,[which it is],of not only sharing this heaven work with us,but letting us have a part in this wonderful,eternal life changing kingdom work.I look forward to coming along side you again in the near future as the Lord allows.I put out an urgent plea to all those out there who want to share in the Lord’s work…Please give this ministry serious consideration and prayer.You know where these funds go…right into preaching rock solid,eternal truth to some we may not get to reach any other way.God doesn’t need our money…but when you realize its not ours,but His..we just return a small amount of the blessing,that He has given us…and it stands as a tangible and real evidence of our faith in Christ…and His power to save.God bless you brother John,and all you [living saints].