After 600 Deaths in 6 Democrat Cities in 6 Weeks

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  1. dan.w says:

    Pride and a haughty spirit….well,we know how that ends……It will be ‘interesting’…to see what happens when patriots get pushed over the line.I know what most Christians will do. …….. Father God…give the real Church,the man parts it is sorely lacking.We have become like the world,instead of them asking…how can I know God?It is a sad reproach and commentary on us.When we ‘whore’ after the world…we become whores.Lord God…do what You must to grow Your Church.Not the infantile,seeker sensitive,crossdressing one.That one..judge it to ashes….Give us spiritual discernment for these we get off of our’resting muscles’.and do what You put us here for.Bless all the faithful in You,and banish the fakers,Amen.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Keep up your comments they are good. One suggestion: try making a paragraph or two because it is easier for us to read.

  2. dan.w says:

    Racism is really a ‘ghost ship’.It is not a valid description.Oh,there is a slight difference in eye shape,skin color etc…but it has no bearing on the person itself,or their character.God is no respecter of persons..and that can be taken many ways.While it may refer more to a persons place or title or wealth in life,it could also fit the small differences I listed before.God see’s mainly only two people groups…Saved and lost.I have talked to some people who don’t look or sound like me…thank God….and,for the most part,they see what I see.This is a ‘little game’..grand as it is being played out,but,still a little game.Just like in the Gizzard of Oz…name changed to protect against litigation..the Great and wonderful Spaz was just a little tike of a fellow…perched upon a tall barstool of some sort..bellowing out dictates..with thunderous base tones,and smoke and stuff…kinda like an early rock concert…anywhoo…the peeps were scared…nooo..they were terrified…kinda like what we see today.The major media is the bellowing boogeyman…day after incessant day..punching out the numbers…this many infected…’we have to get stricter on our society’ Does anyone believe we are destined to wear masks everywhere…forever..from now on???..I think only until they perfect their population reduction technics…see..I believe they jumped the gun.They were a little ahead of themselves, the narrative is constantly ‘tweaked” to keep us in panic and fear mode.satan..[with a puny little ‘s’..] wants total obedience…that’s what political correctness is all about. Simon sez..jump..simon sez hide under your beds..simon sez..wear a stupid mask…simon sez….do what I tell you or your in trouble…but if your a ‘baddie’’s o.k. free pass.I say to..simon..jump in to the lake…..or as a not so famous sitcom used to say…Kiss my grits. People..stop breathing the air of political correctness.It is antithetical to all God is or what we stand for.If you really need a mask..some do…God bless your little pea pickin heart..but if you do it just because someone told you to….well………..simon sez….get Dan a great big ice cream cone….

  3. dan.w says:

    I’ll try harder brother John.Just couldn’t pass up the ice cream cone part…….