All-out war between Israel and the Palestinians?

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  1. danw says:

    We know we are in the last stages of the last days from the assaults we see coming from all sides.[Target] may have a target [logo] on its front,but we as Christians ..conservatives too…have a target on our back.The evil one has whats left of the minds of the lost,and is leading them around to do [it’s] bidding.The lost don’t realize the devil hates them and will finally destroy them unless they ask the Lord to intervene.You know where you are with the Lord Jesus by this….Doe’s sin make you sick,..or do you try and hide and protect it?Pray for the lost ,while at the same time,continue to fight the good fight against evil…time may be short,all the signs seem to scream out…..last call. Father God,thank you for the sacrifices of Godly men and women in all our military,our police and fire/rescue personnel….Even more so…thank you for Jesus…the ultimate sacrifice,..for us.He paid our sin debt in full,and stands ready to give a full pardon to anyone who asks Him for it.