Ann Coulter: Taxpayers Supporting Leftist ‘Thugs’ That Have Taken Over Universities

3 Responses

  1. danw says:

    God bless the little lady with the great batting average!As far as institutions of ‘higher learning’ so many cases,all public and many [Christian U’s] have been taken over by change agent’s who know how to effect a different outcome than a Biblical one.The indoctrinator’s are there not to teach one how to learn,but told what to say,think and do to be a ‘good’ little America hating communist.If you love your country,are a patriot,a nationalist believing in border’s,a traditionalist believing in real morality,in God and a regular mom and dad family,you then are hated,maligned,encircled and targeted as an enemy.I believe America only has time as real Christian’s reach out as the Lord lead’s.When we fail in that duty,the God timeclock will march on,and if we survive Russia’s future attack on us…remember ..they are to our uttermost north as well..and as of yet,we are a city of unwalled village’s,I would of all people be most amazed.I believe in my heart,that all the rumbling’s around the world are staged to keep us occupied and distracted,as while we cave in from the inside,we might be taken out from the outside.N.K.,though really dangerous,pale’s in comparison to Russia.Putin is no one’s fool,Kim ,on the other hand,is open for debate.We need to draw close to Jesus,now,more than ever.

  2. danw says:

    Father God..with all that is going on worldwide,I thank You that you not only saved us,;Through Christ’,but keep us.Eternal security is only found in Our Lord Jesus.He went the distance for us,something religions cannot do.Eternal life is found only in Jesus Christ.He alone bore our sin debt in full.Thank You a million times over,Amen.