AOC’s Democratic Socialists chant for Israel’s destruction

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  1. dan.w says:

    Like I stated in earlier posts..the republican party is infiltrated with traitors…and run lockstep with the demoncrats.Trump is an outsider,but ran as a republican on order to get a platform that was electable.The republican party is emnity with God..liberal lite.The few that are not traitors..we know and love and commend for standing on truth..not political infectness.God bless you Mr.Trump.Run hard and fast.Our prayers are with you sir.Build the wall…Please.Thank you.

  2. dan.w says:

    I saw the video of the socialist who was ‘groomed’.Just like Barry Soetoro was.Came from obscurity..helped.coached,trained puppet.Made for satan,by satan.The fact that these’plants’ are even palatable to half or more of this country tells us we are being judged.These are ‘people’??..who are devoid of conscience,reality,compassion..spiritual life.They have made themselves fuel for the fire of eternity.Unless the devil gave them a script,they would stand in front of a screen..stone cold solid…speechless,brainless.They are atomatons.They think that death is life…and life is death.Their only hope is killing the hopes of others.Dream killers is what they are.The Lord has them on His radar.No one can fool God.