April 19: Temple Of Baal In New York Is Going Up On Significant Day

3 Responses

  1. sage_brush says:

    What Hilary Clinton is clearly saying is that the unborn is a person, and that she supports a woman’s right to kill the unborn person. Mind boggling.

  2. Dan.w says:

    Hillary says what most believe.they are their own god’s.They have the power of life and death,[according to their worldview].She knows its a life,a real person,but that person still gets a death sentence for no reason,other than wanting to be born.America is found wanting.the institutionalized [church]also.We are,[in my opinion],in the lukewarm church stage.I’m not talking about blood bought believers…but,it seems the salt has lost it’s savor,and we are being trampled under the foot of man.Real believers have a burden for the lost,and are used by the Lord as He see’s fit,but,it seems as if a ‘parallel’ church exist’s side by side.It is more of a worldly church,more concerned with filling the plate,and building buildings of more and more earthly debt.Ministries do have real and valid expenses,and if they are led of God,they will be met.People need an encounter with the Risen Savior.not just one more brick.Christ is building His Church,one by one.God bless you all,Dan.w

  3. AT says:

    Everything now is so loopy and just downright weird. The spirit of deception is working hard now to confuse and lead people astray. Just yesterday I heard a lady on the radio say she supports abortion because it’s legal! Are you kidding me? People need to wake up. And then you have the temple of Baal going up in new York on a Satanic holiday when just a few months ago in October they had the picture of Kali the goddess of death up on the empire state building? I for one think they’re secretly chanting to have those false gods take over that city. I would hate to live there. The whole world is going mad! Come Jesus, come!