Army makes history by putting Muslim in charge of 14,000 US soldiers’ spiritual needs

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  1. danw says:

    Yup,it’s me again…hope you don’t mind.Along with Franklin Graham,brother John and Georgeann are also fierce warrior’s for the Lord…Thank you.Thank you for just plain putting the truth out here for all of us.I pray also for the persecuted Church worldwide,that Christ would be with them in their suffering,and that the Church would raise the banner of Christ the Lord,for all to see.Also,that God would,on their behalf,send protecting Angel’s to throw fear into the enemie’s camp.Let the enemie’s of Christ,wherever they may be found,turn to His Salvation’s call,or if fit for the fire,feel the heat unto destruction,in Jesus great Name…Amen.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Respond all the time, I love to read what you write!

    • Georgann Ryan says:

      Thanks for the encouraging remarks, Dan. Your comments always are appreciated – as are you, fellow servant.

  2. AT says:

    Thank you brother John and Georgann for always telling it like it really is. I stopped watching the main stream media a long time ago and i only visit sites like yours to get my news. The spirit of lawlessness is rampant and the demons are fiercer than ever. The spiritual battle is on. They (the left) cannot tolerate the name of Jesus or anything biblical. There is a massive delusion and it’s only a matter of time before the restrainer restrains no more and we Christians get called home. Blessings.

    • Georgann Ryan says:

      God bless you! Thanks for reading and commenting; it’s encouraging to get feedback from fellow believers, to let us know the message is reaching those who are awake and praying.

  3. danw says:

    I know some of my post’s or comment’s are ‘out there’,but you have to admit,they might make you think.It’s good to see other’s comment as well.The ‘left’is really delusional.They are,without Christ’s help,unable to make sound judgment’s or good choice’s.Their ‘choice’s alway’s involve taking something away from someone else,like LIFE,liberty,or the chance to stand up with truth on our side and be seen,heard or believed.They have an appetite for accruing power,as if on a [power trip].They loooooove death.It is like it’s stamped on their forehead.They can kiss a tree and kill a baby,without even seeing how screwed up that ‘mindset?’ really is.We share some blame too,as the mainstream church is gutted and powerless as it lick’s at the heel’s of men.We hold to truth as virtue,unchanging and constant.The world say’s diversity is it’s high calling.They say they don’t believe in God,and say…Don’t Judge!!,all the while having made themselve’s a little god with that judgment call.This world and it’s lust’s are fading fast….only what’s done for Christ…that will last.I’m humbled and honored to be in the rank’s of the Redeemed,with all of you. And…Christ will have the Victory and final Word.