As America Has Done to Israel: The eclipse and the flood

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  1. Jackie says:

    Prayer. Daniel 9:1-23
    GOD heard the repentant prayer of Daniel

  2. Wild Olive says:

    Joel Osteen’s Laodicean prosperity church is located in………..Houston!

  3. Br John, You are so right! and the Pastors continue to refuse to speak @ Israel and support her;
    and Trump sends an unconfirmed envoy over to Israel–his son-in-law?! and he says he “has Israel’s back”?! Yeah, Stabbing them in the back! WE deserve all we are gonna get! And so does Trump.
    The LORD God has had it with America. We’ve crossed the Line, are reprobate.

  4. barbara ashdown says:

    Hi, John,
    I admire your work, in general, but not this time. The White House (Jared K) envoy was NOT sent to discuss a 2-state solution between Israel and Palestine. Back in Feb., President Trump explicitly declared that he would NOT endorse a 2-state solution. You need to check the facts. President Trump is the most pro-Israel President we’ve had since President Reagan.

    Thanks for listening.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      He was there to restart the peace plan, so what is the peace plan! Of course, it is the creation of a Palestinian state.

  5. Dan Fretz says:

    Dear Ps. John M.

    Thanks you so mush for your insight, stand, and ministry. We listen to you and Ps. Ernie Sanders Friday nights on Ps. Sanders WRWL show. Thanks.