As The European Union Has Done to Israel

2 Responses

  1. tucsonrn says:

    Looking up!!! Our redemption is drawing nearer than ever before!!!!

  2. Dan.w says:

    We as a nation,as the continent of Europe has,have invited the Lord to judge us.All that is right,true and Holy,we have cast aside..for perversion,baseness,idleness and evil.We can blame political parties and such,but.however,that would be a rehash of the garden of eden blame game.The salt has lost it’s savor,the light is hid under a bushel.We have a very small,and very faithful remnant.It is because of the Lord’s mercy,and His faithfulness,we are still here.His hand of protection was lifted,I believe,on 911.Anyone who love the Lord,loves prophecy.You can see the lateness of the hour.Our time to win soul’s is nearing it’s end.Now,while there is still time,please reach out to whomever the Lord lay’s on your heart to reach.We need to keep short account’s with Christ,and listen for His voice.In a week/month/year’s time..everything could be so upside down,even compared to now,you’d think it was a bad dream.We are on alot of people’s radar,because we love Jesus,and we are not politically correct.Even those who claim to be christian will want a shot at us.Get prayed up,and trust the Lord fully.God bless you as you do..