Believers to Go Toe-to-Toe With Satanists This Weekend

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  1. danw says:

    While pastors may hold some of the blame…it is Bible believing Christians in ‘the pews’,that are really falling down.Being a Christian isn’t a sunday sport,but a moment by moment,day by day experience.God looks at what we do outside of church to see if what we say lines up with what we do.God isn’t a ‘cosmic killjoy’,waiting to smack us down…He however will see if we really are saved,and,if so,do we try to reach others who are lost with the Gospel of Christ.We went this far,this fast in a bad direction because of absent or AWOL Christians,not because of the culture.We let the culture impact us,not the other way around.God forgive us,and bring us soberly to this awareness so we may truly repent of our evil,and do the only right thing.