BREAKING UPDATE: Findings in Upcoming IG Report “Devastating” — Obama Interfered More Than Vlad Putin!”

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  1. dan.w says:

    I’ve talked to some people about the clinton stuff and the obama stuff.Some think we should move ahead and let the past be.I differ greatly because I believe all the ‘murder’s’ should be addressed concerning the ‘clintobodycount’; obama…He is a muslim,a non citizen,at least a sodomite,and has perpetrated high crime’s against this country,our sitting president,the constitution,our people,our law’s…Both,clinton’s,obama,the bushe’s as well,are enemie’s of constitutional republic form of government as our forefather’s had envisioned.All of them have sold us down the river for whatever satan promised them.Of course..’they’ got voted in….We must address these ‘perp’s’..this is a serious matter.We are not talking politic’s,or prefference’s here…but the willful overthrow by this lot to make our country fall in on itself.If we don’t learn from the past…we have no future.Father God…set up Your court to clean house on these rascal’s…Bring real fair justice to those they have wronged/slain.Put these sucker’s in a hole with no way out…and above all..Come..Lord …Jesus.