Car plows into crowd at the ‘battle of Charlottesville’

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  1. danw says:

    The signs are all around to those who care to see.Then there are ‘others’…whose only care is a full belly,a good time,and to be left alone.All of us have a [divine appointment].It’s impossible to miss….It’s with the Creator of the universe.No place will be found to hide in,or behind.The appointment will be kept.There is,by the way,a way to pre-empt this God appointed appointment.First,with a humble heart and a broken spirit,cry out for mercy.Let those tears be the most real ones you ever wept.Ask Jesus to trade His righteousness for your lostness and sin…He will if you ask Him to…Do it..Do it now….You don’t know if you will wake up tommorrow. Don’t wait.

  2. danw says:

    Father God…Thank you for all the blessings you shower upon us.Make our hearts fresh,with a renewed appreciation of all you did and do with the marvelous work of Christ on the Cross.Let us see this finished work with new eyes.We can add nothing to it,nor can we take anything away from it.Thank you for looking at us,as you see your Son…with love.Thank you Jesus,for being the perfect Son,the excellent spotless sin offering,making our adoption as sons and daughters of the most high possible and reality.Thank you for creating us.Help us to love you more and more until we behold you,face to face.