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Obama: A “Man-of-Sin”

I believe that just as the LORD God of Israel raised up Pharaoh for judgment that He might make His might power known, so has He raised up Obama. The Lord has some special purpose in His prophetic plan to use Obama as he is a “Man-of-sin”. No one can act like Obama and promote sin and rebellion as he does without the Holy God of Israel directly dealing with this person. Obama might be a type of modern day Pharaoh.

Pharaoh Obama and God’s Judgment

Every curse of God is now resting on Obama and unfortunately the nation. He is just like ancient Pharaoh that God raised up to make is power known. It really seems that this is what the Lord is now doing with Obama. He mocked God in every way and now Obama is being mocked.

Insight Analysis: Ordinances of the Americans/Amorites

The Bible warns of God judging a nation that walks in these ordinances. When the corporate attitude of a nation is friendly toward homosexuality then at this point the iniquity is full. It is apparent that “the cup” of America ’s sin is rapidly filling up. Americans hardly blush anymore at fornication and adultery. Homosexuality is fast becoming a constitutional right. The only ordinance left to fulfill Leviticus 18 is bestiality. This is probably next on line to become an ordinance!

Insight Analysis: Mitt Romney as President

Romney now just acted on this word by appointing Richard Grenell as his foreign-policy spokesman. The problem is that Grenell is an open homosexual that lives with his partner Matthew Lashey since 2003. This is no problem for Romney as this is exactly what he said he was going to do.

policy spokesman.

Laodicean Church

Laodicean Church

Revelation 3:14  And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God; Commentary As I watch...

The UN and Dividing Israel

The UN and Dividing Israel

Isaiah 26:9  With my soul have I desired thee in the night; yea, with my spirit within me will I seek thee early: for when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of...