Franklin Graham Prays at Trump Rally: America’s Sins Have Paralyzed It

2 Responses

  1. KimW says:

    Georgann, the pope will soon receive his just deserts. GOD THE FATHER will not be mocked which the catholic church does daily. Woe be to those who call evil good and good evil.
    It is so sad to see how many are so deceived that they no longer read GODS WORD, but read the abominations written by westcott & hort (niv, esv, nkjv, etc).

  2. danw says:

    Thank you brother John,sis Georgann for the work you put into this ministry.Thank you Father God for Franklin Graham,a man who loves you and not afraid to tell it as it is.Please,Lord..give extra wisdom and insight to our president,that he may see the ‘deep state’ plant’s all around him,and cut them loose like the evil dead weight’s they are.There is no shortage of them in either party.Lord.let the evil one’s dry up in the sunlight,and their plan’s fall on their own head’s,Amen.