CDC: U.S. Suicide Rates Rising Dramatically

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  1. danw says:

    You can see the mercy of God in president Trumps life and how he is handling those who turned their backs on sin and came to Jesus.He,[the prez],is gracious,while the commie,devil loving left seeths with vemon with every stinking breath it steals.God bless you,Mr.President.Kick butt and take names…..Let the Lord shine through you and stay surrendered to Him in all things,Amen.

  2. Diana says:

    I was thinking, Pastor McTernan, that maybe God was using Alice Johnson to reach Kim Kardashian. Had she a mind to, she could be a voice to lead many to the Lord.
    Remember how despite their disobedience, God still used Obama and Clinton to further His kingdom in the middle east?
    I see Him doing thing all the time in these end of days.

  3. David Bumbier says:

    Another excellent commentary John. Thank you so much. I’am originally from southeast Pennsylvania. (1955-1973) I now live in Orlando,Fl. My dad passed last March 11 in New Holland. Not too far from you. I pray for you and your ministry daily. Keep up the good work. There’s not too many of us Bible believers left. P.S. I really enjoy and appreciate Dan W.’s comments. God bless you brother John. I bought and read your book As America has done to Israel years ago and really enjoyed it.

  4. danw says:

    Father God..please bless all who visit this site with Your grace,wisdom,hope and power to reach the lost,Amen….P.S….thanks Dave.