Communists, Islamists, Radicals Behind BLM Movement Hijack America – While Others Sheepishly Comply

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  1. dan.w says:

    I ask that Christians and conservatives/patriots not underestimate the enemy we are facing.They are satanically strengthened and inspired.They have no off switch.They walk among us.Their brain has been removed and replaced with something that has no compassion,love,reason.All they do is follow their stealing,killing and destroying.Do NOT cower or enter into any kind of dialog or agreement with them of any kind.Their false flag cause is a ruse to take America down.That is their goal.We are just in the way.We need to get prayed up and get ready for a fight like you have never seen.Only God could give us the victory,for we are outnumbered in the physical realm..but not in the spirit realm.Be very wise,use all your common sense.These are not ordinary don’t get complacent,even for a could cost you or I our lives.Stay away from large gatherings,parades,malls,etc.Do NOT put yourself in harms way,do not tempt fate..for fate is on the prowl.Have food,water protection,and back up plans/or a way of escape.God bless all of you in this dark hour.

  2. dan.w says:

    Father God..please give president Trump the spiritual wisdom to see that dividing Israel,or ‘divying it up’ has very serious consequences for the U.S. as brother John has pointed out in his fantastic book’As America has done to Israel’.This book shows the fatal flaw of trying to exchange land for peace,and the blessing and curse effects when we touch His country and people.We could very well lose America as a result of how we tamper in the affairs of Israel.I will write the president a letter about it.Hope he reads it,but more importantly..reads John’s book.

  3. Dom says:

    John, I have a different viewpoint on the current Israel situation. Bear in mind that the U.S. peace plan announced on Jan. 28 was instantly rejected by the Palestinians and not executed, probably never will be. With these annexations coming up in the West Bank, Israel is GAINING sovereignty over eastern portions of Judea and Samaria in the occupied territory, not giving it up to the Arabs. It was the Oslo Accords of the 1990s that truly divided the land and created the PA. I believe you wrote about the consequences in your book.

    Personally, I think it is America’s sins of abortion and homosexuality that are bringing on judgment, certainly not Trump’s record of support of Israel.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      You are wrong. Israel is annexing land the rest is for the Palestinians. This is wrong.

      • Dom says:

        “Israel is annexing land the rest is for the Palestinians.”

        This would be true according to the peace plan, but the plan is NOT APPROVED BY THE PA AND NOT BINDING at this time. Israel could very well annex the land right now unilaterally and say too bad, Palestinians.

  4. dan.w says:

    I believe abortion and homosexuality v.s. ‘touching Israel’ are apples and oranges.Let me explain…Abortion/homosexuality are rebellion against God’s creation and creation order,while ‘touching Israel’,or touching/harming God’s people is a direct affront NOT on the creation or created order,but a full on attack on the personage of God.It is like daring God to act [and He will].. by harming His children v.s.daring God to act because of our sinful rebellion.Abortion is a wanton murderous heart,while hurting the Jews is not wanton..but God Himself.Since Jews are fewest in’s like trying to exterminate God…only they can’t but try anyhow.Romans 1 speaks of the ‘falling down the stairs of sin nature,with homosexuality near the tail end of romans 1.All of these sins are evil..but they are not equal.I believe God judges touching Israel almost immediately..whereas the other two sins..while being abbhorant…God lets them store up wrath,against the day of wrath…which too…is almost up by all appearances…so,I agree with brother John.

  5. dan.w says:

    I see that two people ‘defaced’ a BLM road painting.GOOD.Lets remove every semblance of socialism/marxism.Oh..and they happened to be ‘white’….oh,..the humanity.Instead of castigating them..lets reward them…like how the rioters get rewarded…give them an icecream cone,..each! Remember NOT about a’s a wedge used by the elite to take America the left arm, the right arm..on the same sick scarecrow.Wouldn’t it be nice if they turned on their handlers..Soro’s/Gates,the NWO?