Congress baseball gunman was a Trump-hating Bernie supporter: Hero cops kill white Illinois man, 66, who opened fire on Republican lawmakers with an assault rifle

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  1. danw says:

    I believe one reason we see such an ‘uptick’ in crazie’s acting out is because in part we have laid down and let the left run roughshod over us for over a century.We were sucked into [pragmatism] which is a lie from ‘the pit’.Truth cannot ever be comprimised to appease anyone…it ceases to be truth.That’s were we are today.Some of us Christian’s and country patriot’s have raised our head’s when the left thought we were dead.They hate’s an anathema to them.Dark and light cannot co-exist…so they want us gone.All the paint and pretense is gone as well.All the filter’s that show or pretend to show civility are gone too.We are all marked..Some by and for God,some for satan and final destruction.Yes..we are in the early stages of an ongoing civil war.We only lose ground when we give it up.If we ‘occupy’ in the Biblical sense,satan can take nothing.Looking forward to my Lord Jesus doing battle.