Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren Quote Bible; Trump Court Pick Supporters ‘Complicit in Evil’

4 Responses

  1. danw says:

    It really is something when the devil quotes Scripture to Jesus,who is the living Word.It’s like him saying…….but you said…only the evil one wants to use it to cancel out the word instead of having it come to pass.The evil one is trying to short circuit the mighty plan of God.Its just like the evil one to attack when someone is at their lowest point.As far as;getting Bible lessons from a liberal,commie or God hater…I think Francis the talking mule could give me more wisdom.Why is it the republican symbol is an elephant…but the democrat symbol is an ass,…? Just wondering……

  2. KimW says:

    I know you won’t post this so it’s my admonition to you about kavanaugh. He is a deep state operative and I’m not sure why President Trump is pushing him. Please do a little background checking on this one. I’m praying that his nomination goes badly and GOD allows a more Conservative judge be placed. Why not run an article that wakes up the readers to what kavanaugh really is ?

  3. danw says:

    I agree Kavanaugh needs to be looked at closer.He was involved with some past clinton/bush stuff that smell bad when examined closely.He is also catholic.We have lots of catholics in our govt.,and secular people of Jewish persuasion such as judges etc.Where are the Christians?He may/may not be deep state…but lets look into him further….is there not a better person to choose from

  4. danw says:

    As re; my earlier post,I have catholic/jewish friends..The issue is…is the potential judge a follower of Jesus Christ.We do not need someone who follows church teaching,but the teachings of Jesus.Some churches follow tradition and not truth.Most catholics are fine people,but I don’t hear Jesus drop from their lips often except as an expletive.They may make fine politicians,but we have enough already.We need Jesus followers to reflect His light and truth to a culture sorely needing it.