Erdogan: Deliver an ‘Ottoman Slap’ in ‘Failing Europe

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  1. danw says:

    Father God..please ‘crack the nut’ of the globalists/elitist..who hate you and America.Break open wide the names..and execute sentence on the wicked so truth can have its day…in Jesus name,Amen…..

  2. danw says:

    Every day that passes…I am more glad to have a president unlike any I have ever seen in my lifetime.Thank you,Mr.Trump.You are a breath of fresh air in an are that more resembles a rotting corpse.You sir,have conviction..a real spine…clearly defined objectives,and a real heart for America as seen by our founders.I have nothing but gratitude for all you do…and you try your best to keep your word.God bless you sir,also your family and staff….And God bless you brother John,your family and staff as well.We are blessed to have you at the helm of this ship,albeit a year older……..God is so good.