Despite Earlier Denials, Arch From Temple of Ba’al to Stand in NYC

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  1. Dan.w says:

    Thank you for the news updates.As America pushes God from the culture,the vacuum formed sucks in Islam and paganism.Islam,though a big part of it,is just that..a part of it.Yes all the cultures fawn and fall over Islam,by force or fear,but the secular progressives will be swallowed up by it because it is liberalism by sword,with no off switch.Taken to it’s final conclusion mean’s the final solution.I pray God will fill their camps with His Holy light,and if they don’t repent unto salvation,strike them with total blindness and confusion in their ranks.In Jesus Name..I ask this,Amen.

    • Georgann Ryan says:

      Amen, Dan. John’s gone again (so you get my replies once more…) but I pray we never get to the point of seeing camps – that God gives us grace for another Great Awakening and then takes us before it all crashes in. But on the subject of Islam, read tomorrow’s post – it will be up in a few hours, before I too take off for awhile… and I could use your prayers – I’m going white-water rafting, something I haven’t done since I was 17 – a long time ago!

  2. Dan.w says:

    I’ll pray for you.Get some needed R&R.Enjoy,be safe,God bless,Dan.w

  3. Andre Vaynol says:

    There is a solutions to the American crisis. One Trump comes in and reversed the trend. Some of us believe Isaiah 45 describes Trump as a modern day Cyrus. particularly to assist Israel in building the Third Temple as did the heathen King in his day. If it is Clinton then she, Washington and a few liberal states need to be isolated from the rest of America. A new capitol needs to be established in Texas and the power of Washington needs to wane while the power of the new republic needs to wax. Israel was split in two. Israel and Judah when judgment came, why not the same in the USA?.

  4. Dan.w says:

    Satan’s plan is divide and conquer.A house divided against itself cannot stand.Trump could slow the tide of evil somewhat,as long as he doe’s not breathe too much Washington air…there is something in it that drive’s people crazy.We too,may be so far down the road politically,socially,religiously,that Trump could be too little,too late.Civility seem’s in very short supply now.We see riot’s and mass civil upset’s popping up around the country/and worldwide.People are being primed and set up for civil unrest/anarchy.If people don’t realize it’s a spiritual battle,they are being played,and will lose.As far as the ‘Third Temple’..Isn’t that the one that get’s the Anti-Christ to sit in it and proclaim that he is god?I don’t know if I would want to be associated with that.Technically,the U.S. is already split in two,and has been since the ‘civil war’ of the 1800’s…Anyone out there..correct me if I’m wrong…May the Lord watch over and bless all those who trusted His Son.