Did Comey get caught in his own trap?

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  1. danw says:

    Hopefully,if Comey get’s caught in his own web,that it reverberate’s and take’s the rino’s like McCain and such as well.Maybe even the clinton death machine can be stopped or slowed a bit.Barry Soetoro need’s to ride a jail cell as well.Mr.Erdegon ,the PM of Turkey,has recently stated that moderate islam is ugly and offensive,or in other word’s ..doe’s not exist..[emphasis mine].The dufus crowd of the left…just don’t get it.The are venomous to us believer’s,yet totally powerless againt islam,folding over like a wet blanket.That my friend’s is rock solid proof that this is spiritual in nature.I predict…yeah..here we go…all nation’s that despise the Lord will fall to islam.They are for the most part serving satan anyhow,they just step up their commitment a bit.If any muslim want’s to take my wife,they will forfeit their life..and that IS Biblical.