DNC Contender Ellison Holds Press Event With CAIR Radical Muslims!!!

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  1. danw says:

    If I’m not mistaken,Ellis was sworn in on a koran.as was many others in various govt.positions while under the Barry administration.We have at least two different black panther groups here in milwaukee,who with the left,the progressives,the liberal religionists,and the reprobates,and muslims, are stirring the pot.Though deep down they have their divides,they are united in trying to bring America down.With Trumps announcements on illegal immigration,[read as overrunning a country],they are coming in even faster.This is a truly Spiritual battle of the highest order.Only God knows how this will finally shake out.We all need to pray that Trump won’t cave in,and God sets His Angels loose to deal with the evil tide of demonic activity all around us.God is a God of the miraculous..He can do it again.

  2. danw says:

    Father God..You are a God of purpose and order.I ask humbly that You hear our prayers and protect Israel and America from the curse that Europe is now enduring.Confound Your enemies wherever they may be.Let the prayers and efforts of those who trust in Your Son here be heard by You in love and mercy,.Please protect brother John,sister Georgeann,their entire families and all who are a part of this ministry,in Christ’s perfect name.Amen.