FBI launches new Clinton Crime Cartel investigation

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  1. danw says:

    At the tower of Babel,the Lord confounded the languages because he had to stop the attempted satanic end run to the throne.We are a ‘kind’,as defined in Scripture.Races are satan’s bait,to pit one against another,to inflict harm and start ‘chao’s’..which is a calling card,if you will,of the evil one.Liberal’s,are in reality…out of touch with reality because they form their worldview on the fly…Political correctness is one result.Truth is not in their equation.They have it all upside down,alway’s.In their ‘mind’,the victim is the criminal,and the real criminal is alway’s the victim.They don’t want national border’s or the ability to self-defence.Morality is non existent,as they have satan as their god…their credo…do as thou will. Father God…please send our Savior soon.